Ahhh! It’s COLD! And WET! And MUDDY!

December is almost here and with it come the winter blues.

Our sleek, svelte ponies are turning into fuzzy, fat beasts that are quite happy to do nothing but happily munch their food, grow hay bellies and hang out all day.

Sadly, it’s far too easy for us to do the same in the off-season.

Couch. Netflix. Hot Cocoa. Holiday food. No riding.

No riding?

Nnooooooooo ppooooooolllllllllllooooooo!

How will we survive? Can we survive?!?

Yes, folks, yes. We will live to see another season. Here’s how:

  • Binge on ChukkerTV.
  • Binge on ChukkerTV while eating popcorn.
  • Binge on ChukkerTV while eating pumpkin pie.
  • Binge on ChukkerTV while eating. Period.
  • Hang out with other polo people.
  • Reminisce about this or that play, or the time so-and-so got tossed and had to buy everyone beer.
  • Binge on ChukkerTV while drinking beer … or better yet. whisky.
  • Have other polo people over to binge on ChukkerTV while drinking beer … or better yet whisky.

OK- so really we are no different from our horses.

But in all seriousness, the best thing to do to stay sane in the off-season is to cross train. For example, you might consider continuing to ride in a different discipline, such as jumping or barrel racing.

We all know it’s not nearly as fun to be crammed into an indoor arena shivering your butt off and dreaming of the sun on your face and the magnificent green of a polo field under your pony’s feet. But it’s better than nothing!

OR you could travel someplace warm, like Jamaica, and play polo there. Just saying.

And then, if traveling isn’t in the cards or you feel your ponies could benefit from some time off, there’s always the gym. Exercises like weight lifting (squats are amazing) and yoga can be great for riders, enhancing strength and flexibility that’ll come in handy when you get back in the saddle come spring!

So how do you stay sane during the off-season?

Binge on Chukker TV while doing yoga and squatting and researching flights to Jamaica.


How do you stay sane over the winter? We’d love to hear your strategies!