Polo Pony Conformation 101

We can all tell easily enough if a horse is beautiful. Most of them are, in their own ways! But how do you know if a horse is built well enough to be athletic and […]

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Western, English & Polo: Riding Styles Part 2

In our last blog, we discussed English and Western riding styles and how they differ in terms of tack, technique and horse type.

These two types of riding can learn from each other, as each […]

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Western, English & Polo: Riding Style Basics Part I

Polo draws riders from all kinds of riding backgrounds and equine disciplines. We’ve seen it all—show jumpers, trail riders, dressage enthusiasts, barrel racers…they’ve all found their way here.

And so have curious newcomers who’ve never ridden […]

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Maintaining the Polo Fields

Our grass season opener, sponsored by Bentley/Ferrari of Denver, is this coming Sunday and we’re so excited! Our fields are looking gloriously bright and healthy! As all of you head out to enjoy the day, here’s a little […]

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