The Four Basic Swings in Polo

Are you just starting out or thinking about taking a polo lesson soon? You should—it’s super fun! As you start learning this complex and brilliant sport, you’ll learn horsemanship, hone your hand-eye coordination, and learn […]

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Horse Chiropractic for Polo Ponies

One of the most important things about playing great polo is keeping your pony (or ponies) in fighting shape.

We need to take excellent care of our ponies because they are the key athletes in this […]

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Nutrition for Polo Ponies

Just like racecars use super high-octane gas you can’t get at the pump, polo ponies run on higher quality nutrition than the average horse.

Polo ponies need to have controllable and reliable speed, power and stamina. […]

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Footwear for Polo Ponies

You can’t build a solid building without a strong, correct foundation. You don’t see marathon runners wearing flip-flops. And nobody plays basketball in steel-toed boots.

Each athlete has his or her own specialty footwear. Horses are […]

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