Cross Training for Polo: Jumping

Sadly, the end of grass season 2015 has come, and while arena polo will continue for another month plus, we’re all about to face the start of roughly six long, cold months without polo.

What is a […]

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Why Trail Riding is Good for Your Polo Pony

We’ve had such a fun spring and summer at the club – chock full of memorable moments on the grass and arena, riding, drinking beers and cheering our teammates. The season has been a whirlwind, […]

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Conditioning in the Off-Season

Oh no! Grass Polo 2015 is almost over! But take heart—you may be sad, but your pony is probably ready for a well-deserved break. And there’s always next year.

Some people give their ponies the whole […]

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How to Avoid Colic

It’s hard to beat Colorado weather! We’re coming into that gorgeous time of year now, late summer and fall, when temps still run warm in the daytime but get down into the cool and refreshing […]

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Breeding Great Polo Ponies

So, let’s say you’re looking to buy a new polo pony. What breed is the best? Maybe you already own a polo pony or several, but do you know where they came from? (Historically speaking, […]

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