How Cold is Too Cold to Ride?

Fall is in full swing and it is glorious. But it reminds us that winter is coming, bringing Colorado’s frigid temps and snowstorms.

You may have guessed this already, but your ponies are much happier in […]

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Cross Training for Polo: Dressage

Let’s say that this off-season, without the stimulation of playing polo, your pony is misbehaving…imbalanced…responding sluggishly… Whatever the challenge, dressage may be a great addition to your cross-training regimen.

Especially productive training for younger ponies, dressage […]

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Cross Training for Polo: Gymkhana

During polo season, we all live and breathe polo. We do that in the off-season, too, haha. But on these upcoming days when you’re not playing chukkers, consider cross training with something totally different.

Staying in […]

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