Cloning Polo Ponies Part 2: Things to Consider

If you read our last blog, you know that polo pony cloning is not going away. So here are some things that we as a polo community need to be thinking about:

Breeding could get […]

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Cloning Polo Ponies: Our Thoughts (Part 1)

When Dolly the sheep was first cloned in 1996, a horizon of new possibilities opened for polo. Not that anyone was considering sheep polo. But it didn’t take long for folks to start cloning polo […]

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Nacho Figueras: Polo family in Aspen

If you play polo, you’ve probably heard of Ignacio “Nacho” Figueras. And even if you don’t, chances are you’d recognize his face.

One of the world’s most photographed models, Nacho is the sultry brand ambassador for […]

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Pecking Order: What the Heck is It?

Did you know your horse’s place in the pecking order might impact how he or she acts in a herd and therefore how well he or she plays polo?

Horses are highly relational herd animals and […]

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The Rungs of Our Polo Ladder

In polo there’s a sort of skill ladder, which each player climbs at his or her own pace.

Here at the Denver Polo Club, we make sure there’s a polo league for everyone.

Where do you fit? […]

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Mastering Your Polo Throw-In Strategy

As you learn polo, throw-ins might seem like just a break and restart of play at first. But actually, mastering the throw-in is a key part of good polo strategy and teamwork.

If your team can […]

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Horse Personalities in Polo

Whether you have one polo pony or a big string, chances are it didn’t take long before you experienced some quirks in your mount’s approach to life.

These quirks become extra apparent—and tricky—when you have two […]

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Mares vs. Geldings in Polo, Part 2

In our last blog, we wrote about some of the differences between mares and geldings, why mares are more popular in polo than in other equestrian sports, and what we can learn from horse […]

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Mares vs. Geldings in Polo, Part 1

It’s April—the time of year when many of us are thinking about buying a new polo pony. Spring is in the air, promising a bright polo season ahead, and cold, muddy, miserable winter is behind […]

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How to Sit the Canter Well

How does a good polo rider sit the canter? With his seat, of course!

“Wow, you guys are so helpful.” Haha. But in all seriousness, riding the canter well isn’t easy. Some ponies are smoother than […]

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