Looking for unique family reunion ideas? – Play polo together!

Fun Date Ideas - polo lesson

Players learn the basics of polo together

Family reunions can be the best of times, but sometimes face it after catching up, can be a little bit boring. Not this year! This year’s family reunion idea is unique. Schedule a group polo lesson at the Denver Polo Club and learn to play polo as part of the fun. The family will bond, be impressed with one another’s capabilities and have great memories about which to reminisce for many years.

Why a family reunion polo event is a grand idea.

Anyone, any age can learn to play polo.

“Contrary to what you might expect, you don’t have to be an advanced rider, beginners do just fine.” says Erica Gandomcar-Sachs, owner of the Denver Polo Club and an international polo player. All of the professionals who work with you are patient and encouraging.The family will have so much fun. Schedule a group lesson now to get started.

Families are inherently great at teamwork.

Polo is a team sport often played on Thoroughbred horses. Your family will ride well-trained, gentle and intuitive polo ponies. Schedule the family team to learn to play polo now.

Your family is a trendsetter.

Friends will wish they were members of your family.

One-of-kind family reunion selfies, pics and posts.

Great dinner conversation after your family lesson together. Share with your network. Schedule now.

No more boring reunions. The family polo playing experience will make this reunion the most memorable. You may soon understand why polo is addictive. Schedule now.

Contact the Denver Polo Club and schedule your family’s polo experience now.

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Private Polo Lesson $150.00  $90.00
Group Polo Lesson $120.00  $80.00
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