Learn to Play Polo – An exciting alternative to horse trail riding in Denver.

Players learn the basics of polo

Players learn the basics of polo

Learn to play at the Denver Polo Club instead of riding a horse on a trail ride. A great alternative when you are in the mood for something new, exciting, a little challenging and a lot of fun. All of the sensory pleasures associated with horseback riding will be heightened to the max while learning to play polo. The Denver Polo Club, located just minutes South of Denver, offers some of the most scenic views of the foothills anywhere.

On a trail ride there is normally not too much interaction with others, especially if the horses are nose to tail. Sometimes that atmosphere is relaxing and just fine, but learning to play polo enables you to meet and interact with other fun-loving, motivated horse lovers as you learn to properly swing the long-handled mallet while riding.

Professional polo player coaches and well-trained ponies work with you to teach you the rules of the game and how to play safely. Now you are ready to have the most fun ever. Anyone, any age can learn to play; even if you have never been on a horse, or have limited experience riding. Schedule your lesson now.

Playing polo can be surprisingly affordable and owning your own horse is not mandatory, although undeniably there is be a certain amount of well-deserved prestige associated with the sport. The lesson includes a pony to ride, There are many options available when you decide you love to play and want your own pony.

Polo players are justifiably passionate about their sport. Schedule a lesson and find out why. Polo just might become your new passion.
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Description Grass Arena
Private Polo Lesson $150.00  $90.00
Group Polo Lesson $120.00  $80.00
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Lesson packages are also available.