If you play polo, you’ve probably heard of Ignacio “Nacho” Figueras. And even if you don’t, chances are you’d recognize his face.

One of the world’s most photographed models, Nacho is the sultry brand ambassador for Ralph Lauren’s men’s fragrances.

He’s a polo player in real life—a 6-goaler—and an ambassador for the sport, seeking to increase polo’s visibility and accessibility to the masses, like we do here at the Denver Polo Club.

Alongside those efforts for more accessibility, he also rubs shoulders with royalty: he’s also a good friend of Prince Harry’s.

In December, Nacho came to Aspen to play in the World Snow Polo Championship and gave a fascinating interview to Aspen Peak Magazine about everything from his family to his worst polo injury to finding Prince Harry a girlfriend.

Click through above to read about his marriage of 18 years, his polo team and breeding operation, his steamy romance novels and his dream to open equestrian theme parks.

Here are a few highlights:

Was Nacho afraid to return to the game after breaking his hip in England?

“You can’t be afraid. Polo requires all of your senses, and you need to be very awake. If you’re afraid, you can’t really ride, or play at a high level. So, thank God, fear did not affect me.”

What’s next after polo?

“I see polo as a brand that has not been cracked as a medium for entertainment: books, television series, movies.

I have a dream to do equestrian theme parks. I believe horses have a magical impact on people. Years ago the world revolved around horses—chariots, wars, races… And I think the world is always looking for the new in old ideas.

I have five or six more years to play polo, and then I want to travel, put on exhibitions, and grow polo into something more entrepreneurial.”

On family:

“I don’t go anywhere for more than a week without bringing my wife and children. We like to take the kids out of their comfort zone, and they have made friends everywhere they go. They have their own global community.

And sometimes I travel with my wife alone, or tack on a couple of days to a business trip and it’s like being on a honeymoon.”


Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/landrovermena/15254552283