In polo there’s a sort of skill ladder, which each player climbs at his or her own pace.

Here at the Denver Polo Club, we make sure there’s a polo league for everyone.

Where do you fit? Read on.

As you may know, everybody starts in the arena, learning to play with other beginners and a couple of pros in a slower-paced game. As your arena game gets faster and more accurate, you may find that you want to move out to the grass—which is literally a whole new ballgame!

Some of our members are happy to stay at a fairly basic level, enjoying friendly games in the arena, while others are driven to move up to faster polo and gain higher and higher goal rankings.

It’s up to you whether you want a fun, jostling game full of laughs and harmless trash-talking in the arena or a high-intensity, fast grass experience. It also depends a lot on your horse(s).

Specifically, the level of polo you can play depends on how the type and quantity of your horses. For example, if your pony can’t quite keep up or doesn’t yet have the training for higher-goal polo, it’ll be frustrating for both of you… more fun to play in a slower league! Or you may have top-notch horseflesh but only one or two, and to play in the fastest leagues you need several ponies, because at that level playing for two full chukkers is a LOT to ask of any horse on an ongoing basis.

In any case, we want polo to be fun for everyone, at every level and budget! So we’ve developed several leagues and this year are launching our own club handicap system, with a handicap review committee, to rate everyone regularly and ensure there’s a perfect spot for every player!

So, now that you’ve got the background, here are the leagues we have for the 2016 season! See where you might fit:

The Coaching League is designed for players who do not own their own horses yet, or are just getting into the sport. We will play every Tuesday and Thursday evening in the arena. All you have to do is show up and have fun! We will take care of the rest!

Red Stripe League (named by our Jamaican pros, can you tell?) is for the player ready to start on the grass. Whether you want 1, 2, or 12 chukkers, this is a great introduction to the field. You will have one professional player on each team who will instruct as you play and help the game move smoothly. This is also a great league for green horses looking to add miles. Designed for the polo hobbyist who wants a little more competition!

The Margarita League is for the player who has been playing grass polo for a while but doesn’t want the competiveness of the higher league and may not have the horses for faster polo yet. Still fast and fun, this league is designed to give you the polo experience without breaking you or the bank.

The Champagne League is pretty darn intense. This is a league designed for the player looking to move up. Each team will have 2 professionals and we will mix and match the teams all summer long. We play an average of 6 goals a side. We make it fun, fast, and safe for all players. This is the best summer polo west of the Mississippi!

And lastly, our 12 Goal League is designed for the team sponsor to enjoy all of what Colorado polo has to offer. World-class fields, professionals and hospitality with a summer polo feel. Keep your competitive edge, but relax and have fun!