Know some kids who want to play polo? They’re in luck! We are soon launching a youth polo program for children and teens—because everybody should be able to enjoy the fun!

Just on Monday, we hosted a free junior polo open house at our fields in Sedalia to introduce aspiring young polo players to the sport. It was a great success and everyone had a ball (no pun intended).

As parents ourselves, we club leaders understand how great it is for kids to learn polo at a young age.

First of all, no brainer: it’s just easier to learn things when you’re young and think you’re indestructible. Ha. You can also go farther if you start earlier—so give your kids a head start!

It’s a super fun, wholesome, healthy activity for young people; a heck of a lot better than hanging out in front of that iPad or TV! Plus, it’s an unbeatable opportunity for exposure to an amazing world and a character-building experience like no other.

We all know that kids can benefit greatly from team sports. They learn how to fall down and get back up, how to get along with others, how to compete hard and lose and win gracefully.

We think polo is the best sport of all because it offers two aspects of teamwork—teamwork with other people and teamwork with your pony. So kids can learn about working with others at the same time they learn how to forge a relationship of mutual respect with a horse.

Not only that, but kids also learn how to think on their feet in challenging situations. They gain leadership skills and experience healthy competition and sportsmanship. They build the grit and class required to play this amazing sport.

They also gain access to a close-knit global community of polo players. It is an international sport after all, and opens amazing doors for worldwide friendships and connections.

Plus, kids learn how to ride while having all of this fun! What could be better? We already have a few youngsters who play with us—they are so amazing and fearless and such good little riders!

Come see us in the office for more information about polo for your child.