Littleton   |   Sedalia, CO
Est. 1986



A breathtaking rush, every match is an adventure

Horse and rider in harmony, they pound across the turf and jostle for position—a mass of muscle, speed and sweat battling for a swing at one small ball. Polo is a team sport like no other, the oldest on our planet. At Denver Polo Club, we know polo is not for the faint of heart but we believe everyone, not only royalty, should have the opportunity to try it.


Just 30 minutes from downtown Denver

Denver Polo Club has been Colorado’s premier international polo club for more than three decades. It hosts major events each year offering Colorado’s best—great polo in a great climate—to people around the world. The club is family owned and operated and open to anyone.With warm hospitality, sophistication, elegance and tradition, we invite you to come experience this high-class oasis from the everyday stressors of life.